Do you want to improve your maths skills? Preparing for an exam? Need general academic tuition?tree
You have just run into the right place and right person…

My name is Mark Havley. I’m fully qualified, experienced mathematics tutor aged 42 at prestigious London college and I provide very effective and relatively inexpensive private tuitions.

I’m able to teach students at college (and lower) level including preparing for GCSE and A-Level examinations. Most my students passes their exams with A or B grades. Especially I have experience in preparing students for Queen Mary, University of London and London School of Economics exams.

I can work with you or with your child to strengthen and deepen his or her Maths knowledge before it becomes a challenge.

The tuitions can take place at a student’s home or at my place (I live in the South London and I am happy to travel up to 1 hour to a student).

I have experience in working with kids as well as with adults.

I am very flexible with time of the tuitions.

I am tutor with over 15 years experience covering all levels including Key Stage 1-3, Common Entrance, 11 Plus, through GCSE/ IGCSE to A-level and IB. I’m able to provide very good references and qualification certificates upon request.

I don’t teach online (Maths is too complex).

I’m open to any kind of tutoring, including single booster sessions to help push grades up as well as constant, systematic teaching (for example for pupils studying for particular exam in future).

Cost of 1h lesson is £25. There is possible discount for long-term cooperation.

If you or your child is struggling with any mathematical problems please contact me immediately as I can help efficently and “painlessly”.